On Christmas Eve

As I tread the slick linoleum floors from shop to shop,
resigned to searching out moderately priced gifts for my meager family,
I fix a smile and do my best to present warmth and friendly banter,
for I too have worked retail and I too know how just one smile,
one moment of human connection,
can mean so much.

But I wonder
second –

Can they see through
the ruse?
Does it show in
my eyes?
The sheer and utter


Happy. Birthday.

It’s your birthday today
I should really not care
But it’s a hurt day for me
Just one more hurt year
You as a friend
That’s all it would be
We knew where each stood
And I said c’est la vie
But you treated me rough
And you broke me in two
Rubbed my face in the dust
That’s not what friends do
So I’ll say “happy birthday”
And wish you the best
But inside I’m dying
To put this to rest

Where am I?

Hello to you if you’re still following me! I’ve kind of lost my creative writing mojo over the last year or so, which is sad in a way, but I’ve just started a new blog focusing on my new life learning about the earth sciences which you might be interested in following. Check it out at fireandrock.wordpress.com

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It’s been more than a year of stone cold silence – 16 months to be more or less precise. Your presence still lingers in life and I see you in passing but I’m straw to you, not even worth acknowledging with your eyes. I’ve given up. Given up the dead hope you might have recognised my humanness. It’s a 21st century way of moving on from ghosts. Your very first message just disintegrated, my wavering thumb just decided. I no longer have your number. There is no sometime, have we met?

I saw you at the coffee shop. (Again).

An ice-warm sky bombarding the senses
        With tales of mares and blessed pretenses
The grass shining deeply, a canvas of jade
        Forgetting for now the threat of the spade
Lake water so still, cracked only by ducks
        Do they now know I’m soon out of luck?
I can’t understand, don’t get it at all
        Whenever it’s good I’m set up to fall
You’re gone from my life, gave the heave-ho
        Set me the task of turning so slow
The wheels of my world down a new track
        Trying to live without love on my back
But every time without break or fail
        When things are all good, I unfurl my sail
There you appear in full blown glory
        Sat down in my path to bookmark my story.

Did you hear the one about the guy who walks into a bar…


Hey! How are you, you incredibly patient reader? Just four posts in a whole five months – that’s a bit pathetic really, isn’t it! Perhaps not unexpected though, I’m sure if you’ve done the whole tertiary study thing yourself you know how crazy it gets – who has time amongst it all to blog? So what’s drawn me back this time? Well, two things actually – 1) I’m totally procrastinating writing a 5000+ word geology report and B) I’m really quite sick of being the nice guy who always finishes last. That second part is rather important as 2017 turns out not to be the vast improvement over 2016 that I set out with a “can-do” approach for it to be and has thus far been not a metaphoric but a literal kick in the teeth. Continue reading “Did you hear the one about the guy who walks into a bar…”